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Repressed anger severely damages a person’s life. It is a poisonous gift that passes from generation to generation until someone in that line stands up and declares, “Enough! It stops here.”

Anger is always a justice issue. Anger is the emotional response to perceived injustice. (Since we are holistic beings anger is also the physical, cognitive and spiritual response as well.) Any time a person perceives themselves to be the victim of injustice anger in one of its many forms will be the result. Anger left untreated will limit or destroy every relationship, joy or success a person may experience in his or her life.

Life is dangerous. Everyone at times is the victim of injustice. The issue is not if injustice will ever befall a person but rather is how that injustice is handled. Denial, repression, minimization, embracing guilt and shame are not beneficial methods of dealing with anger.

Topics covered in our various products on anger:

  • The nature and definition of anger
  • Understanding the various faces of anger
  • How untreated anger affects a life
  • Healthy ways to deal with anger

on-line seminars

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Understanding our Past  SKU: 1015.MP3
We are all seeded in the past.   You will receive a link to download this product upon completion of your order.
We are all seeded in the past. Our "old lies" were internalized in the past. Unconsciously those "old lies" became the "rails" the train of our lives traveled on. They and the decisions made from them became our "normal." Identifying what those "old lies" are, where they came from and how they gained such power in our lives is a great help in letting them go and moving on.
$17.00  $8.50 Add
Understanding Self  SKU: 1012.MP3
Coming to grips with a "lie."   You will receive a link to download this product upon completion of your order.
Coming to grips with a "lie" we have internalized about ourselves that becomes the data upon which our decisions are made. Bad data equals bad decisions which always leads to painful consequences.
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Anger, Depression and Indecision  SKU: A610
Healing what hurts.   You will receive a link to download this product upon completion of your order.
Explains how anger is a process that keeps the individual enclosed in a cycle of frustrated recovery efforts. It includes how anger blocks recovery, the faces of anger, depression and grief as "children of anger," indecision as choosing to stay stuck and meditations to speed healing.
$37.00  $18.50 Add
How to Overcome Depression  SKU: A103
Depression cripples millions.   You will receive a link to download this product upon completion of your order.
What are its causes? What can be done about it? How to defeat depression.
$11.00  $5.50 Add
Unresolved Anger  SKU: A115
The Cause and the Cure.   You will receive a link to download this product upon completion of your order.
The high price of unresolved anger. What habitual unresolved anger is. The definition of anger and how anger affects our relationships. What can I do about anger?
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Domestic Violence Series (4)  SKU: V700
Set of 4 videos
Set of 4 videos containing the following titles;
  • Where Abusers Come From (V701) - Reg. $200
  • How Abusers Think (V702) - Reg. $200
  • How Abusers Create the Next Generation (V703) - Reg. $200
  • How to Break the Patterns of Criminal Thinking (V704) - Reg. $200
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Five Myths that Sabotage Recovery  SKU: V401
Five mental mistakes.
What "Myths" are, what the five mistakes are and what healthy "shoulds" are. 1991 Time: 28:54
$200.00 Add
High Level Recovery (3)  SKU: V430
Set of 3 videos
Set of 3 videos containing the following titles;
  • Five Myths that Sabotage Recovery (V401) - Reg. $200
  • Dealing with Denial (V402) - Reg. $200
  • Kissing Guilt & Shame Goodbye (V403) - Reg. $200
$510.00 Add
How Abusers Create the Next Generation  SKU: V703
Violence and abuse are generational.
The fact of this generational conditioning to violence and abuse is stressed in this program. The point is strongly made that the next generation of abusers, with all the negative consequences that imply, is being created now at the hand of the client watching this program. Their responsibility for ending this cycle of destruction being visited on their children is clearly and strongly stated. Sharing of the women again greatly strengthens the point of the damage done to children by domestic violence. 2000 Time: 29:07
$200.00 Add
How Abusers Think  SKU: V702
Violence is a habit.
At the heart of every habit is a truth learned by harsh experience. This program leads the client to identify the source of this criminal, cognitive impairment. Using the client's own experience of abuse as a starting point, they are led logically and systematically to understand through structured graphs how they perpetuate this habit of violence and abuse. The client is strongly challenged to confront this habit and put an end to it. The women's sharing powerfully attests to the damage done by the men who abuse them in a manner and to a depth as only victims can. 2000 Time: 31:19
$200.00 Add
How to Break the Patterns of Criminal Thinking  SKU: V704
Habits, both good and bad are acquired through repetition.
Being willing to face the presence and power of this habit and choosing another course can only accomplish breaking of the habit of abuse. Concrete structures and models are provided to accomplish both the cognitive restructuring and behavior modification to both break the habit of abuse and begin creating new habits of respect and control. The women's sharing both challenges and encourages the men to pursue this course of recovery. 2000 Time: 30:06
$200.00 Add
Lift Up Your Heart Series (3)  SKU: V530
Set of 3 videos
Set of 3 videos containing the following titles;
  • Building Self-Confidence (V501) - Reg. $200
  • Overcoming Fear (V502) - Reg. $200
  • Dealing With Discouragement (V503) - Reg. $200
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Overcoming Fear  SKU: V502
We can learn how to understand and overcome Fear in its many faces.
The definition of Fear. The key in confronting old, learned Fear responses to reality. How to diminish the power of Fear to control our lives. 1991 Time: 28:22
$200.00 Add
Rage is Optional - Learning to Deal with our Rage and Anger  SKU: V604
Train ourselves to recognize the habit of rage in us and to step outside and listen.
Why give our power away! Learn to work a quality program around this issue and build self-esteem. Change the film in our head! Practice, practice and more practice! Remember the story of David and Goliath! 1993 Time: 34:04
$200.00 Add
Recovery Issues Series (5)  SKU: V250
Set of 5 videos
Set of 5 videos containing the following titles;
  • Relapse (V201) - Reg. $200
  • Family (V202) - Reg. $200
  • Doing a 4th & 5th Step (V203) - Reg. $200
  • Seeking and Finding Your Higher Power (V204) - Reg. $200
  • Unresolved Anger (V205) - Reg. $200
$850.00 Add
Step by Step Series (4)  SKU: V640
Set of 4 videos
Set of 4 videos containing the following titles;
  • Taking Personal Responsibility - Fighting the Good Fight (V601) - Reg. $200
  • Avoiding the Slips - Working a Program of Inches (V602) - Reg. $200
  • Building Up Our Self-Esteem - Where Giants Walk (V603) - Reg. $200
  • Rage is Optional - Learning to Deal With Our Rage and Anger (V604) - Reg. $200
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Unresolved Anger  SKU: V205
Sparks fly when we look at the hurt and rage that has victimized us in the past.
If unresolved anger is not dealt with during recovery, relapse often occurs. Working with this video program will ultimately bring release from the bondage that creates the want to abuse one's self in the first place. 1989 Time: 33:00
$200.00 Add
Where Abusers Come From  SKU: V701
A life long habit of violence dulls the recognition of violence and abuse.
Violence and abuse simply become normal. This program takes the client back to the time when they were the victims of abuse and forcefully states, as it was wrong for someone to abuse you so it is wrong for you to abuse anyone else, especially those who love and depend on you. The sharing of the women emphasizes this point with great emotional power. 2000 Time: 28:30
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